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Genius on the fly, Ewen Callaway
— Nature
witty script and clear scientific messages...The Fly Room is a great example of an arthouse film that communicates science in a subtle way. JV Chamary
— Forbes
The legendary Fly Room will be re-created, with brass-knobbed microscopes and hundreds of insect-filled milk bottles. Jascha Hoffman | April 23, 2013
— -New York Times
Exploring The Fly Room and the foundation of modern genetics: An unlikely collaboration between science and art results in the recreation of a turn-of-the-century laboratory filled with fruit flies. Amy Kraft | February 11, 2014
— The Week
Forget dry documentaries, it’s character and imagination that brings science to life in film” Amanda Gefter | October 10, 2009
— New Scientist
The feature film ‘The fly room’ focuses on the relationship between one of Morgan’s students, Calvin Bridges, and his 10 year old daughter...” | July 24th, 2013
— The Node
The project has come together with help from art world notables. Artist Dustin Yellin donated Pioneer Works for the building of the set and exhibition; Spike Lee, Gambis’ advisor at NYU’s Film School, gave the project a $10,000 grant. A gracious Gambis bestowed Lee with a fruit fly drawing that now hangs in his office next to a photograph of Michael Jackson.” Ruth Reader | July 22, 2013
— Motherboard
Making Science Films Popular: Science should be organically intertwined into the story. So you’re almost unconsciously learning something about science without being hit on the head with it. | November 7, 2012
— Motherboard
No one ever imagined that this claustrophobic space, overflowing with mutant red-eyed fruit flies would gain so much fame”. Carin Bondar | February 25, 2013
— Scientific American
The Science of Movies? A Film Festival Judges Just That: When Alexis Gambis fell in love with fruit flies, it was a difficult relationship to explain to his friends. So he turned the lab where he was studying the flies’ genome sequences into a studio and made a film about his passion. Rachel Lee Harris | October 13, 2011
— The New York Times
Gambis’ films often use surrealism and abstract scientific imagery to explore the inner lives of scientists, which sets him somewhat apart from mainstream depictions of science. Diana Crow | March 20, 2014
— nSCI
Science on Celluloid: Scientist? Filmmaker? Alexis Gambis welcomes both labels and show the world of science as he sees it. | February 28, 2013
— The Scientist Magazine
A Fly On The Wall: A geneticist-turned-filmmaker is making a movie set in Columbia University’s famous Fly Room, where the foundations for modern genetics were laid. Dan Cossins July 17 2013
— The Scientist Magazine
The Fly Room Project is the latest Imagine Science Films initiative. It will be an ambitious Summer 2013 interactive lab and exhibit about genetics which will include film, microscopy, and video installations. It comes to life 100 years after the original Fly Room that existed in the Zoology Department at Columbia University. -By Carin Bondar | February 25, 2013
— Imagine Science Films
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